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Our Process

Client Centered

Step 1: Define - No two financial plans look exactly alike. We want to know what YOUR perfect financial picture looks like. We want to know all of your financial goals and objectives and will work to make those goals a reality

Step 2: Evaluate - We look at your current financial situation, as well as your future goals, to determine the appropriate strategies for your particular circumstance. 

Step 3: Develop - Together we will work to develop a holistic financial plan tailored to your specific goals that reflects your values, objectives, and risk tolerance

Step 4: Implement - We will coordinate with you and other professionals to put all the pieces of your plan into place. 

Step 5: Monitor - In an instant, life can change! Changing jobs, a birth in the family, a divorce, retirement....all of these could drastically change your financial picture. At Sopher Financial Group, we call these "life events". We will periodically meet to reevaluate your financial plan, including changes in your personal circumstance, as well as changes in the current financial environment, and make the necessary adjustments to keep on track with your financial goals.